"Amazon Model Crush" Keri Spectrum and Takaiji

Clip Time: 42 Minutes Clip Size: 689/mb
"Amazon Model Crush" Keri Spectrum and Takaiji

Keri is known for being one of the taller ladies in female fighting. In this clip, she portrays a foot fetish model doing a show. After a couple minutes of showing off her sexy feet, model hating Amazon Takaiji comes in…all 6’3 of her! She towers over Keri and proceeds to dominate her for an entire FORTY minutes! Takaiji crushes Keri’s toes, twisting them, standing full weight on her feet! She bearhugs, skull crushes and cradle/scissor combos the model….enjoying every SECOND of it! She follows this up with a sexy SPANKING scene, where Keri is stripped to her skimpy bra/panties. She walks Keri around, mortified in her underwear. Then it’s onward with foot smothering, figure four head scissors, regular cradles, reverse cradles and MORE full nelson/skull crushing! Watch the leggy Keri get totally destroyed by this powerful 6’3 Amazon!

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