Cali’s Battle Lair’ Cali Logan Vs Keri Spectrum

Clip Time: 10 Minutes Clip Size: 309/mb
Cali's Battle Lair' Cali Logan Vs Keri Spectrum

Cali Logan is a villainess who is on a mission to blow up the planet . Keri rushes to the scene in an attempt to take the detonator away from Cali and save the day. An epic battle ensues, with face punches, body blows, high face kicks and choke holds. It’s fast paced, going back and forth non stop until the evil Cali is able to apply a strong and tight sleeper hold to the honorable Keri Spectrum. She unleashes all of her strength into the hold, weakening Ms. Spectrum enough to ultimately apply a mounted hand over mouth smother. Keri struggles and attempts to get the detonator until she is unconscious. Once subdued, Cali uses rope to tie Keri tightly. She can’t have a meddling heroine running around try to save the day, now can she?

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