Catfight Wrestling Julie vs Shannon

Clip Time: 25 Minutes Clip Size: 359/mb
Catfight Wrestling Julie vs Shannon

The very busty Shannon Leigh is stretching for an upcoming wrestling match when newcomer Julie steps onto the mats talking trash. Julie claims that she is the new hotness and that Shannon has been around for too many years. A stomach punch gets this match started as they trade body blows. This is a wild catfight, as both girls go back and forth with moves. Small package pins, scissors, chokes, modified Boston crabs, punches and knees to the body against a pole. Julie is overwhelmed and submits to Shannon. Shannon gives Julie some advice. Dont come back. Will Julie listen??? Probably not! Shannon realizes that she didnt teach Julie a good enough lesson as Julie walks back, still cocky even after her submission, challenging Shannon, who makes it a two out of three fall match. This female wrestling catfight only gets wilder from there!

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