"Clash of the Catfighters" Keri Spectrum Vs. Jenn D

Clip Time: 11 Minutes Clip Size: 342/mb
"Clash of the Catfighters" Keri Spectrum Vs

Keri and Jenn are known for their tenacity on the mats, and this video does not disappoint! Easily the sexiest fantasy video ever to feature these two anywhere, the ladies start with short intros showing off their outfits and figures. Afterwards, a catfight/wrestling match begins. The ladies include cuntbusting in all it’s forms: slapping, punching, squeezing and mauling. They utilize painful breast attacks, sexy smother and reverse/forward head scissors, crippling body scissors and more….all being ferociously applied to gain a submission. The first person to submit is forcefully tied up, bent over and spanked as a punishment against their will!

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