"Faulty Face Off" Jacquelyn Velvets Vs. Jade Indica

Clip Time: 21 Minutes Clip Size: 632/mb
"Faulty Face Off" Jacquelyn Velvets Vs

Jacquelyn has just found out her husband has been cheating on her..and she suspects her former housekeeper, Jade, of the crime. Jade walks in topless expecting to find Jacquelyn’s husband, but finds his wife instead! The two get into a heated argument, leading into a catfight. Jacquelyn comes out hard, but Jade slams her into a wall and chokes her, attacking her breasts and talking all sorts of shit about how much fun it is to be fucking her husband! Jade continues to dominate Jacquelyn in this match with face sits, hair pulling, head scissors, camel clutch, belly punching, breast attacks, sleepers and more. She just keeps making Jacquelyn beg to be let go, screaming out her submissions. But it’s all in vain for poor Jacquelyn….Jade is having far too much fun beating the crap out of her!

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