Gi-Guy Crushed – Orsi v Mask HD

Clip Time: 20 Minutes Clip Size: 627/mb
Gi-Guy Crushed - Orsi v Mask HD

Orsi is back to show that she is a match for any man. Technique will always triumph over size and Orsi has plenty of technique – especially with her feet! She knows very well how to combine her ninjutsu and grappling training with ruthless footwork to control and dominate her opponent. Trapping him in juji-gatame and sankaku-style holds, she then uses her feet to choke his throat or punish the pressure points in his throat. She subdues him early in the match and makes him her grappling dummy. When she tires of dominating him, she finishes him with a foot-hold against his chin that twists his neck painfully. Finally, she strips him of his belt to add to her collection.

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