"Hardcore Wrestling Rodeo" Sara Liz Vs. Stephanie Anders

Clip Time: 18 Minutes Clip Size: 549/mb
"Hardcore Wrestling Rodeo" Sara Liz Vs

Sara Liz is in the shower when Stephanie breaks in and informs her that she has come to gain vengeance for her boss that Sara Liz brutally beat. Stephanie pulls Sara Liz out of the shower, soaking wet by the hair and into the living room. They start brawling brutally back and forth, using catfighting and wrestling tactics. It’s an even match to start, but Stephanie eventually dominates the fight and really beats the hell out of Sara! Sara is finally hog tied and tortured, nude, until Stephanie has had enough. Tactics used:Breast attacks/torture, hairpulling, slapping, punching, camel clutch, surf board, full nelson, body scissor, head scissor, face sit, reverse face sit, grapevine and spanking.

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