"Head Games" Kyoko Kawasaki Vs. Keri Spectrum

Clip Time: 16 Minutes Clip Size: 474/mb
"Head Games" Kyoko Kawasaki Vs

Villainess Kyoko shows up at Onyx Keri’s domain, challenging her to a K O battle. Keri eagerly accepts the challenge, and the two start fighting. They begin standing, swinging face punches and belly punches and landing many of them. Kyoko and Keri go back and forth in this match, gaining many K O’s and utilizing holds such as head scissors, figure four head scissor, kneeling leg choke, camel clutch with windpipe choke, reverse guillotine, lots of face punching and belly punching, double arm chokes and much more. Only one lady can win, and Kyoko eventually takes the cake. She takes out a medallion and puts Keri under her spell, ties her up and photographs her to add to her collection and gain bragging rights in the community.

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