"Kissing Catfight" Jenn Vs. Danielle Trixie

Clip Time: 21 Minutes Clip Size: 642/mb
"Kissing Catfight" Jenn Vs

Jenn and Danielle are two lovers living together. They are trying to decide what to order for dinner when a playful fight ensues. Very shortly into it, the fight gets serious. The two ladies grope and go for kisses while fighting against each other for the win! The loser gets a punishment round of forced kissing, from a body to body pin position!Holds/Tactics Included in this fight:head scissor, camel clutch, seated surfboard, hammer lock, body scissor, reverse bearhug, standing head scissor, cradle, lap scissor, breast attacks/torture, hairpulling, ass smacking, school girl pin, kissing punishment

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