"Lip Service Lesson" Cherie DeVille, Rachel and Keri

Clip Time: 12 Minutes Clip Size: 357/mb
"Lip Service Lesson" Cherie DeVille, Rachel and Keri

Keri has an ego that is irritating the hell out of the new Spectrum talent, Cherie and Rachel. Keri goes on and on, criticizing the wrestlers while explaining how make out wrestling is THE new thing.Rachel and Cherie roll their eyes and decide that it’s time to teach Keri a lesson!They take Keri through a string of pro style and cat fighting holds while simultaneously forcing Keri to accept their kisses! That is what Keri said was up and coming, wasn’t it?Keri is tortured by the two and dominated. They have no sympathy for their self centered instructor, and it shows!

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