Clip Time: 24 Minutes Clip Size: 1090/mb

If you liked "Mutual Destruction", you’re going to LOVE this one! In a follow-up custom script by Dawn C., the original author of "Mutual Destruction", Rochelle Cassidy and Zo Hammar pick up right where they left off in the original, only this time they are more voilent and brutal than ever. In this one, Zo is sent to kill a rogue agent who’s been stealing from the organization. What follows are incredible exchanges between the lightning fast martial-artist Rochelle who, in addition to her speedy hands, also uses knees and kicks like never before, and the hard-hitting and frightenly strong brawler, Zo. For this one, we handed the reigns over to Cholo, who did all the choreography and videography on her own. She also makes her directorial debut in this epic, 23 minute clip – nice work, Cholo!Again, there was no need for background music in this one – it’s that good.Starring Rochelle Cassidy and Zo Hammar.FREE 1-MINUTE PREVIEW HERE:

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