Paid in Brutality Jacquelyn Velvets Vs. Sumiko

Clip Time: 12 Minutes Clip Size: 376/mb
Paid in Brutality Jacquelyn Velvets Vs

Jacquelyn is home getting ready when a knock sounds at the door. When she answers it, her visitor states she’s their about some money owed to Sumiko, who’s sent her. Jacquelyn states she doesn’t have her money, but has a message for her instead.She grabs the ‘messenger’ by her neck of her shirt, pulling her roughly through the door and throwing her to the ground. Once there, Jacquelyn angrily stomps her before picking her up and throwing her against the wall. Just as she is about to land another hit, Miss Velvets eyes go wide in shock as she exclaims, "You ARE Sumiko!" The tables turn quickly as Sumiko Throws Jacquelyn against the wall and inflicts her own strikes.After apologizing and promising to relinquish Sumiko’s owed money, Jacquelyn runs off to fetch the funds. Of course, she short changes her lender. Sumiko sees red as she lashes out at Jacquelyn again, inflicting belly blows and cunt busts. She threatens Jacquelyn, telling her she will be back the next day and the rest of her money BEST be there.The next evening, as promised, Sumiko is back and knocking on the door. Jacquelyn answers the door with a gun poised and at the ready! She strikes Sumiko with it, sending her to the ground, delivering some cunt busts as well as a face punch. Sumiko grabs the gun to fight back and discovers it’s a fake gun, so she jumps up and gains the upper hand again! What follows is an epic beat down featuring knees to the belly, cunt, as well as belly and face punches! Jacquelyn may not have paid up in money, but she definitely paid up in pain…!

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