Pinned To The Mat – Ina Black v Ivan HD!

Clip Time: 21 Minutes Clip Size: 797/mb
Pinned To The Mat - Ina Black v Ivan HD!

A deserted sports arena, mats as far as the eye can see, a man … and judoka Ina Black! Ina is here with one idea in mind – to take down and control this guy, then pin him. And pin him. And pin him. The guy may have a different idea – but you don’t argue with Ina. She hip tosses him, execute a perfect tomoe-nage on him, armbars him, forces her feet in his face, but above all, pins him flat time and time again. He looks quite strong, but that means nothing to Ina. Once he’s underneath her, there’s no argument. Ina will only release him when she decides to. And at the end, she victory poses over him after he’s submitted the entire match. Ina Black – unbeatable!

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