"Psycho Roomie: Part 1" Jade Indica and Takaiji

Clip Time: 23 Minutes Clip Size: 691/mb
"Psycho Roomie: Part 1" Jade Indica and Takaiji

6’4 Amazon beauty Takaiji has a new room mate….Jade Indica! The two are having a playful conversation when Takaiji suggests that they wrestle around a bit. Jade, 5’1, takes to the mats with the powerful larger lady and they start wrestling. Jade puts Takaiji in a couple of scissors before Takaiji loses a bit of her sense and starts a beatdown on her. Takaiji does not realize her own strength, and thinks that her and Jade are still having fun while it is obvious that she is being crushed and dominated! It all starts with a powerful head scissor from the 6’4 Psycho Roomie, who squeezes and squeezes Jade’s neck with her insane strength!Takaiji sits and bounces on Jade, causing extreme pain to her small frame! She then puts Jade in a scissor/cradle combo, squeezing her with a look of pure joy on her face as Jade begs her to stop. A weak Jade is laying on the mats when Takaiji stands on her feet, crushing her little toes. The Amazon then takes her little play toy to the couch where she puts her in a long, brutal skull crusher. Jade can’t do anything but exclaim that she is crushing her, and that she is a psycho! Takaiji thinks it’s all still a game, and continues with her antics! After the skull crusher, Jade is thrown into a side body scissor, eventually left by her lonesome as an oblivious Takaiji gets ready to cause more pain to her new room mate!

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