Randori Rivals – Dragon Lily v Monica HD!

Clip Time: 19 Minutes Clip Size: 798/mb
Randori Rivals - Dragon Lily v Monica HD!

Dragon Lily is a formidable martial artist, and a good match for Monica. But for this judo-gi bout, she was tired from her live event matches the day before. Monica however was fighting fit and keen to show off her new gi! This match shows that even a top-notch fighter can be humiliated if not match-fit. Monica takes the opportunity to punish the US star with numerous holds involving her feet. Dragon Lily fights back bravely and has Monica in trouble once or twice , but Monica is fitter and 100% focused on winning. She traps Dragon Lily in various grappling holds and forces her feet hard against the smaller girl’s face, throat and body. She is determined to walk off the mat with Dragon Lily’s belt around her victrix’s shoulders.

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