Return Of The Gi-Queen – Ina Black v Alex HD!

Clip Time: 20 Minutes Clip Size: 895/mb
Return Of The Gi-Queen - Ina Black v Alex HD!

Black-belted Ina Black is back, with a vengeance! She saw her sister Lydia demolish Alex, and now it’s her turn. Ina is meaner than ever, using her judoka-champion skills to throw Alex around the tatami like a rag doll. She traps him in painful, unbreakable holds, and punishes him with her feet to rub in the humiliation. Alex’s groans are real as Ina works on him from every angle. His submissions are numerous and Ina’s determination to force his face under her strong feet is unstoppable. Her finishing move is just awesome – she ties him up with her black belt, drags him along the mat, straddles his neck and hits a victory pose! Truly, the unbeatable Ina Black is back!

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