Robi vs Andrea Rematch IFW1_1FULL

Clip Time: 17 Minutes Clip Size: 274/mb
Robi vs Andrea Rematch IFW1_1FULL

It’s the rematch of IFW0_1 between these two beautiful girls and Robi sports a top that will make many of her fans dream!Andrea, no news, starts attacking but her opponent responds with the same strenght and energy.The girls are careful not to end up trapped in the other’s legs, nevertheless they put in a very even match all what they have, and delight us with pins and body scissors at will.Andrea proves more aggressive, it’s a match played on strenght when she tries to force Robi flat on her back.But Robi’s reactions are often very dangerous and Andrea is sometimes caught by surprise, to the point that in the second half of the match Robi seems to prevail.What will be the outcome of a thrilling "grand finale"?FULL VERSION

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