White Belt Walkover – Lina v Guy HD!

Clip Time: 21 Minutes Clip Size: 782/mb
White Belt Walkover - Lina v Guy HD!

Lina – blue belt going on purple belt – takes on a white belt guy who thinks he has a chance against her. He quickly learns how wrong he is! Lina breaks him down into a painful leglocked armbar and he’s soon begging for mercy. He gets none, as Lina tortures him with her feet and submits him repeatedly. It gets even worse for him when he tears her gi pants! She takes them off and proceeds to punish him with some real foot torture, forcing him to suck her toes. Then to finish him off she ties his arms up in his own belt and makes him kiss her feet. There’s nothing he can do as she is so much more skilled and can counter whatever he tries. Blue belt beats white, every time!

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